Town History

A Brief History of Stony Point

Stony Point is the youngest and most mountainous of the five townships in Rockland County. Our town was formed by an act of the New York State Legislature on March 20, 1865. Until that time Stony Point was the northern portion of the Town of Haverstraw. Previously the area was known by several different names such as Antioch, Flora Falls, North Haverstraw, Knight’s Corners and Caldwell’s Landing. Our history is rich with colonial Dutch and English settlers purchasing land from the Algonquin Indians.

Battle of Stony Point

On July 15, 1779, General Anthony Wayne and his men attacked a British fortification located on the peninsula at Stony Point. The peninsula, situated on the west bank of the Hudson River about 10 miles (16 km) south of West Point and 35 miles (56 km) north of New York City, was the western terminus of the King's ferry. 

Fire Department History

It all started way back in 1894 when 22 young men decided to form a volunteer fire company in Stony Point. Their first move was to purchase a hand drawn hose cart with 500 feet of hose. They had no quarters and the hose cart was kept in a barn. Then in 1897 they moved into a brick firehouse on the south side of West Main Street opposite Allison Hall, which was then the town hall. Time marches on! A new two story firehouse was constructed on the west side of Route 9W and the company moved in 1955. The community was growing and the need for better fire protection on the south side of the bridge prompted the purchasing of Station No. 2, on the west side of Central Highway, which was opened in 1974.

Police Department History

The concept of a Stony Point Police Department was started shortly prior to 1967, when a group of Stony Point citizens approached the Town Board and requested that a full-time Police Force be established. Until then the Town’s police services were provided by Stony Point residents acting as Constables and the New York State Police from a barracks on 9W in Stony Point.

Stony Point Ambulance Corps

In the year of 1946, a group of towns people met and formed a Board of Directors.  The organization was named Stony Point Ambulance Corps Inc.  A second hand ambulance was purchased from Nanuet for the price of $900.00 to service their town of almost 5,000 people.  The ambulance covered the Stony Point Township, including Grassy Point, Jones Point, Willow Grove, Tomkins Cove and Doodletown.  Actual operation of the Ambulance began December 11, 1946.  There was a Corps of 50 nurses and drivers, maintaining always a duty crew day and night.  During the first half of the year of their operation, the ambulance was housed in Mr. Carl Blume's garage.  Mr. George Ewald donated a building lot located on Lee Avenue.  A second fund drive began to erect the building starting on April 16, 1947.  The sum collected was $8,377.92.  Plans were drawn up on donated time.  The building was to be 60 ft. by 30 ft., two stories, the garage and community meeting room on the first floor, and a large auditiorium for public gatherings on the top floor.  The following was sealed in a copper box placed within the cornerstone.  It contained how the Corps got started, a list of all the war heros who died in service, newspaper clipping ect.