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A message from the Chief of Police,

Welcome to the new Stony Point Police Department. The introduction of our new homepage is a continuing effort to stay in touch with the community we serve. We have revised our menu selection to include many items that we think will be helpful to our residents. Please take some time to review our new site. If there is something that you think could be improved upon, let us know. We will be reviewing your input and making changes where appropriate.
The Stony Point Police Department is comprised of thirty full-time officers and four part-time officers in addition to an auxiliary force. We are supplemented by one full-time and two part-time clerical staff. We are charged with providing law enforcement service for the Town of Stony Point, an area of over twenty square miles. We are a full service agency that has practiced, "Community Policing” since our inception in 1967.
Our most visible asset is our uniform force that patrols our Township, around the clock, in the traditional black and white patrol cars. In addition to patrol coverage, the uniform force supports our DARE-School Resource Officer, the Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Unit, Child Safety Seat program, and our new Glass Etching program.
Our Detective Bureau compliments our uniform force by providing highly trained and seasoned Detectives who are adept at criminal investigations. In addition to their normal cases, the Detective Bureau conducts our Neighborhood Watch, Operation Safeguard, and Operation Smart Sales programs.
Our Youth Bureau provides specialized investigation on all cases involving our community’s youth. Our Youth Officer is also responsible for our Youth Court, Police Athletic League, and Community Service Programs. The Youth Bureau works in conjunction with the Uniform Force, Detective Bureau and our DARE-School Resource Officer to insure the safety of community’s children.
Our agency also participates in many "shared services” programs such as the Rockland County Intelligence Unit, Rockland Regional Rescue, Entry and Counterterrorism Team and the Rockland Mobile Field Force. Participation in programs such as these allows our agency to provide specialized services to our residents that otherwise might not be possible due to personnel and fiscal restraints.
The men and women of the Stony Point Police Department take great pride in providing our community with a high level of police service. Their hard work and dedication is evidenced by our community having one of the lowest crime rates for a Township our size in New York State. However, a great deal of what our agency can accomplish is dependant on community participation. We rely on our citizens to be our eyes and ears and to report suspicious activity as it is observed.
Working in partnership with our residents will insure that Stony Point remains a safe community in the future.
Brian J. Moore 
Chief of Police
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