departmentHighway Department

Highway Department

Karl Javenes, Superintendent of Highways
15 Rose Street, Stony Point, NY 10980
Phone: 845-786-2300
Fax 845-429-6793
Hours:  Monday thru Friday 7:00 a.m.- 3:30 p.m. and Saturday 9:00-1:00 (except holidays)

The Town of Stony Point's Highway Department works every day to keep our roads as safe as possible. The town's fleet of trucks and an experienced team not only ensure that town roads are treated and plowed in the winter, but are also paved and maintained. The Department also repairs failed drain lines and catch basins and picks up brush and appliances. They also work cooperatively with other town departments to assist with projects involving our Golf Course, Parks Department, Sewer Department and other areas in the town. Recently one of our own, Anthony Perri, Highway Maintenance Supervisor, received the Floyd F. Wilcox Award for excellent performance in Public Works.

For information about residential bulk pick up and drop off, click here for our Homeowners' Guide


Grass Clippings
Due to new regulations, the Highway Department and the sanitation carters are no longer allowed to pickup grass clippings.  If you must bag your grass clippings, they must be brought to the Highway Department in biodegradeable bags.  They will not be picked up.  Due to recycling regulations, plastic bags are not to be used at all.

Biodegradeable bags are available at the Highway Department during the months of October/November and March/April WHILE SUPPLIES LAST. 


Residents are encouraged to grasscycle rather than bag their grass clippings!

Click here to learn about the benefits of grasscycling

The Rockland Green website is a great resource for your questions regarding recycling, grasscycling and composting.  

Recycle Bins are available for pick up at the Highway Garage at 15 Rose Street.  


Frequently Asked Questions – 

How do I arrange for bulk pick-up of items?

Please call the Highway Department at 845-786-2300 or email  Leave a message with your address and what items you need picked up.   For more information, please see our Homeowner’s Guide.


Do I need a permit to drop off items at the Highway garage?

Yes.  You may purchase a permit at the Town Clerk’s office, located at 74 East Main Street.  The fee is $20, cash or check only.


What types of things can I drop off at the Highway garage?

Please see our Homeowner’s guide for information on what is allowed for dropoff.


Can I drop off old tires?

Yes.  The fee is $5 per tire.  You must purchase a drop off sticker at the Town Clerk's office.


What do I do with my household garbage?

Homeowners must arrange for their household garbage to be picked up from one of our licensed carters.  Contact Vignola Sanitation at 845-786-5082 or Minuto Carting at 845-353-5678 to make arrangements.


Where can I get new recycle bins?

Recycle bins are available at the Highway garage at 15 Rose Street.


How do I know what day my recycling is picked up?

Recycling in Rockland County is managed by Rockland Green and  is picked up in Stony Point by Capasso Carting.  Please visit the Rockland Green website for information on your pickup day and other questions.  Please do not call the Highway Department.  


How do I get rid of old electronics, paint cans and other things my garbage carter and the town won’t take?

The Rockland County Household Hazardous Waste Facility accepts items like this.  Click here for more information.



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