Stony Point Battlefield State Historic Site

44 Battlefield Rd., Stony Point NY 10980
(845) 786 - 2521

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Stony Point Battlefield State Historic Site is located on a knobby promontory projecting into the Hudson River in the town of Stony Point, NY. It is the only preserved Revolutionary War battlefield in the lower Hudson -- the site of a successful midnight assault led by Brigadier General Anthony Wayne against a British Garrison in July, 1779. The site also hosts the oldest lighthouse in the Hudson Valley. The lighthouse, built in 1826, has been recently restored and relit (1995). The Battlefield is open from April 15 through October 31. Tours of the lighthouse are available.

Washington & Wayne Lookout

A rocky promontory perched on the flanks of Buckberg Mountain in Stony Point, Washington’s Lookout was reputedly used by General George Washington and Colonel "Mad” Anthony Wayne to plan a surprise attack on the British troops.

The site overlooks Haverstraw Bay and affords views of the Hudson River to the north and south. This gave both officers a clear view of the Stony Point Fort, making it possible to plan the attack routes for what later became known as the Battle of Stony Point.

In 2000, OSI acquired the 5.2-acre parcel in the Town of Stony Point, and manages the property for public recreational and educational use.


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