departmentBuilding Department

Building Department

John Hager
Building Inspector

Location: 74 East Main Street, Stony Point, NY 10980
Hours: M - F 8am - 4pm
Phone: 845-786-2716 Ext 103
Fax: 845-786-5138

Michael Dempsey
Deputy Building Inspector

Phone: 845-786-2716 Ext. 305

Tom Larkin
Assistant Building Inspector

Phone: 845-786-2716 Ext. 131
Evan Humphrey
Fire Inspector
Phone: 845-786-2716 Ext. 120
Dave Holdampf
Code Enforcement Officer
Phone: 845-786-2716 x120


Please follow these instructions prior to your meeting with the Planning Board.


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Downloadable Forms:

Please see the Application Check List so that you are prepared with the appropriate documents.  

To apply for a Building Permit, you must complete the following forms:  Application for Building Permit  and  Homeowner's Acknowledgement                   

 If the homeowner is completing the work - complete the following form: Workers Comp Insurance Affidavit of Exemption  

Note: You may need to rotate the document in your PDF viewer once you download, before printing it. For instructons, click here.

Upon completion of work, you must complete the following forms Application for Certificate of Occupancy/Compliance 

                                                                                                                         Certificate of Occupancy/Compliance Affidavit

Other Downloadable Forms:

Building Department Request Form
Contractor's Material and Test for Underground Piping
Fire Inspection - Record of Completion
Message from the Rockland County False Alarm Prevention Task Force

Request for Violation Search Instructions
Sprinkler System Inspection Report
Temporary Sign Permit Application
Temporary Trailer Permit Application
Floodplain Development Permit Application
Approval process for site plan

Application for Filling and Grading

2016 Carbon Monoxide Law

 To access the Zoning Map, click the link below:







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